At Oceans of Data, we are developing a data delivery service. We specialize in supplying the seafood industry with Comprehensive Data, Predictive Metrics and Actionable Insights.

Our mission is to empower seafood businesses and support their decision making by providing an innovative solution that stands out in the market.

Our dedicated team is passionate about unlocking the value of data and consists of exceptional experts in Seafood, AI & Data Science and Data Engineering

As the founder of this start-up, I am incredibly fortunate to work alongside a group of remarkably talented and creative individuals.

Inspired by my past collaborations and visionary teammates at Sea Data Center, I discovered that my passion is to innovate within the seafood industry, I am so deeply connected to.

Starting from scratch has been a challenge. Fortunately, my friends and colleagues within the industry have shown their unwavering support and kept me motivated and the dedicated partnership with my co-founder has kept the excitement and motivation burning.

Our focus is sharp! We are a team of data experts, and our focus is on data. Data is our passion, and we are extremely good in working with data and solving complicated data problems.

The global seafood industry has been navigating turbulent waters in recent years due to environmental changes, shifting regulations, and the impact of climate change, trade disagreements, economic shifts, and significant global events like pandemics and conflicts. These factors have stirred the seas of logistics, production, and consumption. Now more than ever, robust market data is essential to steer through these tumultuous waters effectively.

Innovation is at the heart of Oceans of Data. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the seafood industry with our cutting-edge data service. Our database is extensive, and we have put emphasis on data infrastructure and automatic monitoring systems to ensure accuracy and reliability of our service.

Our vision is a future where data-driven insights and automation lead the way, arming the global seafood industry with comprehensive metrics on supply, demand, and ground-breaking smarter metrics based on our expertise in data technology and AI.

Our goal is to facilitate better, faster, and smarter decisions within the seafood industry.

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