Exciting News: Christine Møller-Christensen Joins Oceans of Data as Business Associate!

Christine Møller-Christensen Strengthens Our Team Oceans of Data is thrilled to announce that Christine Møller-Christensen has joined our team as a Business Associate to drive customer sales in Norway! Christine brings nearly 12 years of experience from Maritech, one of the leading companies providing various purchasing, sales and production solutions for the seafood industry, and […]

Navigating Tomorrow: How Market Data Could Transform the Seafood Industry As we continue our Oceans of Data Series, let’s explore the pivotal role of market data in steering the seafood industry through the ever-changing tides. The Compass of Market Data For seafood companies, market data shines as a beacon, guiding the way through the complexities […]

Oceans of Data – Your Partner in Data-Driven Success

At Oceans of Data, we are developing a data delivery service. We specialize in supplying the seafood industry with Comprehensive Data, Predictive Metrics and Actionable Insights. Our mission is to empower seafood businesses and support their decision making by providing an innovative solution that stands out in the market. Our dedicated team is passionate about […]